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New Tazewell, TN 37824

Claiborne County OEMHS
Mr. David Breeding

The mission of Claiborne County Office of Emergency Management Homeland Security is to assist the community in efforts to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters whether natural or man-made that affect the citizens and visitors of our county.

Dedicated to assisting citizens through education and community outreach we constantly strive to improve our office to ensure our mission is met. “Failure is not an option.”

The Claiborne County Emergency Management Agency is a governmental office under the County Mayor of Claiborne County.  The office is the central point of contact for all major emergencies and disasters and works in partnership with local state and federal agencies as well as industry and volunteer organizations.


Emergency Planning

This office researches, revises, prints, and distributes the Claiborne County Basic Emergency Plan and assists with the development and implementation of various emergency response and recovery plans for City and County government. These plans enable our local government to operate sufficiently during disaster situations. The office also works with the local jurisdictions to create a Hazard Mitigation plan to assist in the lessening of disaster-related impacts on the citizens of Claiborne County.

Training for Emergency Responders and Public Organizations

This office hosts training classes and/or presentations to response agencies and public organizations on topics such as Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Incident Command, Hazardous Materials Response, and Weather Spotter. Training for law enforcement and fire departments in all aspects of response and intelligence information to ensure pertinent information for safety of all.

Citizen Preparedness Information

This office provides disaster-related information to organizations and individuals and is intended for preparing citizens for self-reliance in the event of a disaster. We maintain social media accounts to provide citizens with critical information.

Emergency Exercises

This office holds & participates in numerous emergency exercises annually. Each exercise is evaluated to determine its effectiveness and suggestions for improvement.

EOC Facilities

The 911/EMA facility houses the EOC – Emergency Operations Center. This is the central meeting point for the City and County Mayors, Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, American Red Cross, and others to coordinate response and recovery efforts following a disaster. Maintains secondary EOC with staffing 24/7.

Mobile Command Post

Purchased through Homeland Security, a regional command, control, and communications vehicle is available to use at emergency scenes and is also used as a staging area for responders in the event of an emergency during special events.

Grant Administration

OEMHS administers several State and Federal Grants providing emergency planning, training, and equipment to emergency responders.


The Director & Operation Officers are on call 24/7. Personnel & volunteers respond to the scene of emergencies and are contacted through Claiborne County 911, the State Emergency Operations Center, as well as the National Incident Response Center.

Storm Ready Community

Claiborne County was one of the first counties in Tennessee to become a designated Storm Ready community by the National Weather Service. The Storm Ready designation is awarded to counties that show a proactive approach in assisting the NWS in disseminating weather information within the community. Participate in NWS briefings to disseminate information to appropriate authorities and information sharing for decision making to appropriate agencies.


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