Welcome to Claiborne County, Tennessee!

Claiborne County TN Mayor Joe Brooks,
Claiborne County Mayor Joe Brooks

I would like to welcome you to Claiborne County.  Claiborne County is in upper East Tennessee and is home to the area known as Cumberland Gap, where Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky meet.  During the early days of our country, Cumberland Gap was known as the “Gateway to the West”.  Today I would like to invite you to visit Claiborne County and let it be the gateway to your future.  Claiborne County is one of the most picturesque counties in the state.  It is home to the Powell River, the cleanest river is the United States, beautiful Norris Lake, Lincoln Memorial University and the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.  If you are looking for opportunities for your future   Come to visit, Come to stay!

Office of the Mayor

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On Friday, July 3rd, Governor Lee issued Executive Order #54, An order providing Local governments with authority regarding face coverings.  Please see the Memorandum below for Claiborne County’s stance regarding the use of face coverings. 

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Economic Recovery Group (ERG) has developed the TN Strong Mask Movement, partnering with more than 30 flagship brands to distribute close to 300,000 free or low-cost cloth face coverings, at a projected value of more than $3 million, across the state. Now, residents can stay safe while wearing brands synonymous with Tennessee from the worlds of sports, education, and business. For more information click here

The “Tennessee Pledge” is a plan to help Tennesseans return to work in a safe environment, restore their livelihoods and reboot our state’s economy. To view the guidelines and learn more information on the “Tennessee Pledge” please click 


COVID-19 Daily Count 

September 18, 2020
Total cases: 419
Recovered: 388
Active: 27
Negative Tests: 9,568
Deaths: 4